Girl Was Told She Could Buy 'Anything' With Guy's Credit Card. She Made A Brilliant Choice

Date March 19, 2018

This tale is as old as time. A guy meets a girl and asks her out, but the girl rejects him. In order to win her heart, he sends her a photo of his credit card and tells her to buy "anything your heart desires” and, boy, she did!

This is Leagan, a beautiful 17-year-old woman from Lubbock, Texas. She became a viral sensation after posting an exchange she had with a guy who gave her his credit card details after she turned him down for a date. So what happened?

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Leagan was recently asked on a date and she said “no.” The guy offered her his credit card info in attempt to woo her, and told her to buy “anything.”

Guess what she bought!

Paul Velgos /

That’s right! An inflatable castle!

In the screenshots she posted, the anonymous suitor sends Leagan a photo of his credit card with the message:

Just in case you ever need anything. Anything at all.

After Leagan responds with "hol up," her suitor confirms:

Anything your heart desires.

Later, she sends him a screenshot of a receipt from Jungle Jumps, the US largest inflatable manufacture, reminding him that he did say “anything.”

When 17-year-old castle-owner posted their correspondence on Twitter, it has exploded with messages, applauding Leagan’s move.

Leagan was surprised that her tweet became viral, she thinks it might be her friends’ merit. Now she is planning to throw a party if the generous guy doesn’t cancel the order, of course.


Well, what can we say, a $938 pink bouncy house was a brilliant interpretation of the word "anything."

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