'She Was A Good Woman!': A Female Shares A Story Of How Donald Trump Stood Up For His Mother Years Ago

Date January 26, 2018

President Donald Trump has always been more vocal about his relationship with his father but not his mother. So, naturally, a lot of people are curious about what kind of childhood he had and how his mother, most especially, influenced the man he is today.

Mary Trump

Reports have it that Mary Ann McLeod moved to the United States from Scotland in 1929. Trump was reportedly quite fond of his mother. In fact, his love for her subsequently determined his relationship with other women.


In his book, The Art of the Comeback, Trump reportedly said:

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In 1942, six years after she married to Frederick Christ Trump, Mary became a naturalized US citizen.

A Twitter encounter with Donald Trump

Last week, the US president shared an Instagram throwback post that featured his (now late) mother. This was reposted on the Fabiosa Facebook page and evoked a lot of comments and reactions from people.

One commenter, Kathy Shrewsbury, had a pretty fascinating story to tell. According to her, she followed Donald Trump on Twitter and would often notice that a lot of people slammed him for being wealthy.

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Then, one day, someone was making fun of Trump over his mother and the Bible she had given to him as a present. Kathy made a comment to Trump about Mary being a good woman and the POTUS agreed.

I never forgot that. When he won the election I was glad he used that Bible to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Somewhere in Heaven I believe a Mother was smiling...


The First Family

Trump has certainly moved on from his past and is currently running the United States with his third and current wife, Melania, as his First Lady.

He also has five children from his three marriages, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron.


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Donald Trump