"Your Daughter Is Beautiful": Stranger Talks About A Toddler With Down Syndrome

Date February 6, 2018

It seems like the world has still not accepted people with disabilities, especially those who have Down syndrome. They stare and make unwelcome comments about such persons. This is something mother of two, Pamela De Almeida, is already used to. But the smiles of her little girls keep her going.

Sometimes, she is strong and avoids the negative energy. Other days, it really gets to her. She is human after all. And mothers just want to protect their children.

To share awareness about the disability, Pamela writes her thoughts, takes pictures of her daughter, and shares everything on her Facebook page.

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This fateful day, she got close to her breaking point. On her blog, Slice of Life, she shares what happened.

She was about to lose all faith in humanity when a man approached her.

The man greeted Sophia with a high five and a handshake, and Sophia smiled and waved back. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I have a story I would really like to share with you. But I am afraid I won’t get through it without choking up.” I gently encouraged him to share, because now I was curious. This interaction was not what I was expecting.

He told me that he had watched the news last night. There was an interview with a mother who had recently given birth to a child with a major disability. She was on the news defending her decision to keep her baby. She was defending her choice NOT to terminate despite her doctors encouraging her to do so.

He said, “The point is, you never know a person’s impact on the world. You can never know what a person is able to do unless you give them a chance.”

He looked at me just before he turned to walk away and said, “You are a beautiful person. Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulations!"

What made Pamela cry was the genuineness of the man’s words. He made her hope again. Hope that her daughter would live in a world where love wins.

The outpour of love on social media

She has gone viral for having honest discussions about being a special needs mother. Her supporters encouraged Pamela and her girls.

The comments are always so positive and encouraging.

Some can be a little odd, but it's from a place of love.

Her big sister takes her role very serious too!

Over 52,000 people reacted to the post. Many leaving comments to follow in the stranger’s footsteps and compliment Sophia.

What we can’t understand is how she hadn’t been complimented beforehand – because she’s so adorable! What do you think?

READ ALSO: Emotional Reaction Of A Young Man With Down Syndrome To His Niece

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