Actor Val Kilmer Tackles Terminal Cancer Head-On And Credits His Healing To ‘Power Of Prayer’

Date November 29, 2017 17:26

Actor Val Kilmer though quite reserved when it comes to speaking out about his beliefs, was quick to credit the win in his cancer fight to faithful prayer and love.

Kilmer, well known for a string of top roles over the decades, admitted in late April that he had indeed battled throat cancer. The news came after Kilmer had initially denied claims about cancer in 2016 after Michael Douglas revealed so.


Michael Douglas Revealed That Kilmer Was Struggling With Cancer

In October of 2016, actor Michael said that Kilmer was facing terminal cancer. He said:

Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too good for him.

Douglas later apologized for his words after Kilmer responded that Douglas was “mistaken,” denying his claims.


Kilmer Admitted He Had Cancer

Later on in April of 2017, in a detailed interview with Deadline Hollywood, Kilmer acknowledged that he did have throat cancer, but has since been healed.

Also about a month later, on 17th May of 2017, when Kilmer did his second Reddit AMA of the year, he shared details on how he beat cancer. According to Kilmer, who is a Christian Scientist, he was healed through the power of love and prayer. He said:

Many people have been healed by prayer throughout recorded history. And many people have died by whatever was modern medicine.

It didn’t matter in Jesus’ day whether the patient believed. It doesn’t matter today. Love doesn’t care about our tiny human thoughts. That’s how I understand it anyway. I’ve probably tried to convince people when I was younger. I try to mind my own business now that I’m older. I also hope I never turn down Love again.


Kilmer’s Exclusive Interview With Deadline Hollywood

In an exclusive interview with Deadline Hollywood on Nov. 16, Kilmer explained the confusion surrounding his cancer situation:

The first time I was asked if I had cancer, I answered truthfully that I had no cancer. As I hadn’t. If they had asked, have you had cancer, I would have said, yes, but it’s all healed now.

"Now, I just have to recover from the treatment from chemo and radiation,” the “Batman Forever” star continued. “Somehow I was accused of not being forthright.”

The actor offered up his reasoning for his less-than-candid answers at the time:

Well, if years ago I had broken a leg and I was asked today if I have any broken bones, I would answer just as I did the cancer question: no, I don’t have any.

Kilmer went on the interview to credit prayer as the reason for his healing.


Kilmer Set For Action In 2019

The “Top Gun” star went on to say that turning down career opportunities was key to his spiritual development. He said:

I wouldn’t know what I know now spiritually without turning away from the success as often as I did.

Kilmer further explained:

And today I know who I am, and can look any man on earth, in the face, with love, empathy, and forgiveness.

Kilmer added that he’s looking forward to future movie releases, including “Top Gun 2” in July 2019. “Tom Cruise seems to have a knack for what audiences enjoy — I’m not worried,” he grinned.

He has thankfully risen from a grave illness and recovered. He shared that the universal power of love and prayer helped him heal and face another bright day. Indeed a grateful heart is a faithful heart.

We celebrate with Kilmer over his healing and we are happy he found great faith in his struggles, so much he now proclaims it openly.

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