People Go Crazy Over This Adorable Kitty That Has The Deepest Meow Ever

Date January 19, 2018

This adorable kitty, Jack, has an unusually deep voice! Maybe it is a montage? When people heard him meowing in this video, many of them couldn’t believe this sound wasn’t created using a computer and was actually real.


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The thing is that Jack has a very rare disease, a laryngeal paralysis, and his voice was changed after many surgeries he had to undergo.

Depending on the situation, a normal set of sounds for a cat would be something like this:

But not for Jack. The poor thing is meowing like this after the first operation.

Fortunately, Jack is fine now. Furthermore, his unusual voice made him very popular! People all over the world admire him and support the little one with inspiring messages.

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It’s hard to believe, but Jack's video has already gained more than then million views!


And to pamper the curious viewers more, the cat's owner even added another video of Jack, leaving a comment:

Since everyone seemed to want to see more of Jack, here is a video of him eating gold fish. He is a noisy eater and yes, that is actually how he sounds.

Well done, kitty! Bravo, Jack’s owner! Thank you for taking care of this little fellow and sharing your inspiring experience with us!

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