Two Intriguing Puzzles Will Let You Know Why Adults Benefit From Solving The Tasks Even More Than Kids

Date March 27, 2018

Feed your brain – solve puzzles! Experts suggest that this is how you should entertain yourself while you are bored. Riddles can easily be called one of the greatest human inventions. In fact, their power is great indeed.


Puzzles for adults

American scientists, as a result of numerous experiments, managed to prove that by constantly solving various puzzles and mysteries, it is possible to rejuvenate the brain of an elderly person.


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Due to a constant load, which is a kind of a brain training, the person's thinking activity saves its function longer. That is why do not waste your time – try to deal with these two simple riddles.

Intriguing tasks

How good is your eyesight? Are you able to notice all the details at once? Can you perceive the hidden intricacies that might wait for you in the most unexpected place? Let’s ask a hedgehog that gathered a lot of stuff on its back.

Unfortunately, something odd was put onto its needles, and he needs someone to get rid of the extra garbage. Even though the puzzle looks like the kids from the primary school, it is a nice exercise to train your attention. Just try, and we will show you the answer a bit later.

Perhaps, you managed to deal with the first riddle quite quickly. Here is a task more difficult for you. The picture has 11 hidden words that look similar to the background. While some of them might be quite vivid, the others are very difficult to notice.

Take your time and challenge yourself to try to find all 11 pieces of the puzzle before you scroll down to the answer. Good luck.

Constant loads on the brain allow it to maintain the performance for a very long time. Adults perfectly develop logical thinking and erudition similarly to children, but they may need a bit more time and attention to it.


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In addition, solving the riddles positively affects the memory, conducting a kind of training for your brain. So, here are the long-awaited answers to the mysteries. Check if you managed to deal with the tasks perfectly well.


The hedgehog definitely doesn’t need a smartphone, a bucket, a hamburger (but perhaps it should try one), a fork, a pen, a piece of paper, and of course a crumpled can. Did you manage to name everything correctly?

Talking about the second puzzle, here are all 11 hidden words that you should have named:

Continue exercising your brain, as it also deserved to be fed similarly to your stomach. If you are excited about some more puzzles, make sure to like and comment below to let us know.


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