Great Moment Of Care From Four Sisters To Make Their Mother's Dream Come True

Date February 13, 2018

The siblings reunite their weddings to amaze their mom and make her dream come true.


Best present for their mom

What can be more pleasant than making your closest person feel happy? Terri McCaffrey is a single mother of four daughters that once made a wish to see all her children in wedding dresses.

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC / Facebook

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However, the dream was to see them together. That seemed quite problematic as the girls are of different age and three are already married.

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC / Facebook

Luckily, with the joint efforts and the help from Alabama-based photographer Ashley Sargent, the daughters brought to reality Terri’s wish.

Meaning of the photo session

Just before the last of the sisters got married, the siblings organized a special photo session in marvelous white wedding dresses. What is even more peculiar about the event is that they brought their symbols to show how unique everyone is.

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC / Facebook

Skylar, the youngest, and the only who already had children was carrying a box of diapers. Kasey, the second oldest, was holding a pair of her sports shoes. Nikki was standing with a sword to stress her devotion to her faith, while Amber demonstrated her passion to music with the guitar.

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Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC / Facebook

Internet reaction.

The Internet's reaction was explosive and prompt. On the photographer’s page, people were amazed with the story.

The comments simply burst with cuteness and adoration towards the sisters and their intention to make their mother happy.

There are very few moments of care nowadays, and even a simple photo shoot can bring so much love in the people’s hearts.

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