What Can Be Better Than The White House Residence: Obama's Family Finds A New Accommodation

Date March 2, 2018

The former US president has an eye for mansions and has chosen the best variant for his family.

What's after the White House.

It's not easy to move from the White House after spending there four years and already getting used to everything. Perhaps, there can be nothing better to substitute it. However, Barack Obama was extremely lucky to find a great brownstone for his close ones. An 8,200-square-foot giant in the Kalorama that is not far from Washington D.C. definitely makes a massive impression when seen for the first time.

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The mansion that is valued at an amazing $5,3 million will be rented to Barack and his family so that his daughter, Sasha, can finish high school. The monthly fee will cost the 44th president $22,000. In order to estimate what this price includes, let us make a tour around the new Obama’s residence.

Incredible residence

A beautiful brick house has everything that the family needs. Two and a half stores featuring wooden floor with pale green walls are designed in a classic style.

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A gigantic kitchen and a spacious dining room provide enough place for the entire family to conduct joint lunches.

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The guest room and working cabinet are filled with the appropriate atmosphere.

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The bedroom is lit enough in the daytime and is also perfect at night.

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Finally, the terrace and garden will perhaps let Mrs. Obama spend her weekdays with great pleasure.

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Dream house

Already jealous? Perhaps, that is the best place after the White House to spend your days.

However, Obama wouldn’t probably mind returning to the Presidential residence one day.

Family White House