Impossible Equation Doesn't Care About Your Mathematics Skills: Try Solving These Intriguing Puzzles

Date April 17, 2018

Can you imagine the relief of finding an answer to a puzzle after 30 minutes of countless attempts to solve it? Well, this feeling can’t be compared to anything a person might feel. And guess what, here you have the possibility to experience such relief one more time. Sit comfortably and get ready to do some tricky math.


Reason for never-ending learning

While a human brain has a special craving for new knowledge, and the desire to develop persists, the chance to conquer more and more turns out to be insatiable. It may appear that training the brain with all sorts of algebraic problems and building geometric progressions is not always interesting. However, puzzles that tend to develop logic proved their usefulness for brain training.

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Memory improving tricks can be applied with the help of crosswords, math puzzles, all kinds of Sudoku, and even Rubik's Cube – this is only a short list of such tricks. Puzzles are considered to be great fitness for the brain as the more mind teasers people solve and the more difficult they are, the more efficient result they have. Learning is never too late, and people are known to learn throughout their entire life.

Absorbing puzzles

So, are you ready for a few mental exercises? Let’s begin with a small warm-up. The following picture consists of chaotically spread boxes with words, among which you should be able to find only animals. As a small hint, it should be noted that there are twelve necessary words altogether.

Well, the hide-and-seek game was probably too easy for your experienced brain. Therefore, here is a puzzle that will test your mathematics skills as well as your attention. The calculations may not be too difficult, but the way they are presented requires your attention.

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To maintain healthy memory, you must constantly train it. Solve crossword puzzles a couple of times a week; deal with the logical tasks to memorize items; play word games on social networks. However, in this case, as in everything else, you need to find a happy medium.


It is clear that sitting at the computer for five hours a day for the sake of solving logical problems is not useful by any means. This is how you ruin your vision, mood, and relationships with your family. Luckily, if you devote just a little time to the puzzles solving and do it systematically, they will become for you like the magical means to preserve the sharpness of mind, memory, and mental abilities.



It is time to check how right you were. First of all, the words game. Have you managed to find all the animals? Check your assumptions with the answer picture.


What about your math? Are your calculation skills good enough to deal with the equation? Let’s see if you have noticed correctly all intricacies of the interesting puzzle.


We hope you enjoyed another portion of puzzles and you spent a great time solving them. Continue training your mind, and you will not let it fall into the decay. Therefore, stock up with dozens of crossword puzzles, mysteries, and logical tasks as your brain also desires to be fed not less than your stomach.

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