Hand Dryers' Issue: Spreading Feces Particles And Germs At 435 Mph


April 23, 2018 13:13 By Fabiosa

An increasing number of public toilets offer super-fast hand dryers instead of the usual paper towels. The devices promise to complete the job in just 10 seconds, however, these miraculous blowers can become a source of contaminating feces particles and infectious germs.

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Terrifying research results

American researchers have recently found out that modern hand dryers are more conducive to spread numerous microbes compared to conventional paper towels. The results were published by scientists from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. It was concluded that within 30 seconds an average hand dryer can suck out up to 60 different bacterial colonies onto your hands.

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Moreover, the drawbacks do not end here.

Feces on your hands

The first disadvantage is obvious – strong noise. Researchers from the United States found that modern fast hand dryers produce the same loud noise for the human ear like roadworks jackhammers.

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In addition, for some reason, many people believe in those promised 10 seconds and leave the restroom with underdried hands. It is a common knowledge that bacteria spread much faster in the wet environment than in dry. The researchers found that modern reactive hand dryers are, in fact, no better than old-fashioned ones.

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These devices are said to dry your hands quickly, but at the same time distribute bacteria with a stream of air at a speed of 429 mph for a distance of up to 9 ft. Studies have shown that using reactive dryers spreads about 20 times more feces particles and germs, than using old models with warm air. Moreover, jet dryers distribute 1300 times more viruses and bacteria compared to paper towels!

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According to scientists, the concentration of bacteria near modern hand dryers was 4,5 times higher, than near the conventional ones, and 27 times higher than near the counter with paper towels.

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The stream of warm air spreads bacteria to those who use the device as well as the nearby people. Paper towels are considered the least dangerous. Thus, to remove water from hands after washing, they are suited the best. Keep in mind the information about the average hand dryers and the amount of feces particles they can spread. Try to protect yourself from any possible contamination.


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