Cruel Owners Decided To Euthanize Their Cat That Walked 12 Miles Back To Its Home

Date April 24, 2018

The horrible incident happened in North California. The couple decided to get rid of their cat and took it to another family 12 miles away from home. However, the devoted pet ran away from the new owners and returned to his place. Brave cat, called Toby had to overcome about 12 miles of a cold way to conduct a happy reunion with his real family. However, the owners got tired of the cat and took him to a shelter to ask for euthanasia.


Family betrayal

The incident occurred in Wake County, North Carolina. The former owners presented their cat Toby to other people a month ago, but the pet decided to return home some time after that, walking 12 miles by himself.


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However, the family was not going to celebrate the reunion and took Toby to the pet shelter to kill him just because he was no longer necessary.


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Unfortunate reunion

Shelter workers undoubtedly refused to conduct the operation and contacted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, asking them to find a new owner for the unique cat. Representatives of the organization agreed and soon found a knowledgeable and loving woman, who was able to show him the real care of a loving family.


The Toby’s story was actively discussed on Facebook. While many users shared it to help find the new owner for the cat, others urged the former owners to answer for their actions and demanded to disclose their names so that they were never allowed to have a pet anymore.

SPCA organization

The SPCA organization is a place where such animals are placed before they find their destined home.

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Unfortunately, people tend to do cruel things with their four-feet friends, so it is important to protect the pets in any possible way. The organization can always find an animal for you and also welcomes extra donations for never ceasing rescuing the animals in need.

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Keep in mind about SPCA, and maybe one day you will be able to make some pet the happiest one in the world.

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