Horrible Accident In Florida Calls To Action For Preventing Future Disasters

Date February 16, 2018

Horrible mass shooting in Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School provokes the world towards solving the problem with the free guns use.


Florida mass shootout

The terrible shootout happened on a Wednesday afternoon. The main suspect, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz used AR-15 rifle to conduct his rampage. As a result, 17 people were killed instantly, and 14 more are wounded, with five having life-threatening injuries.


His current and former peers tell that he has been always an aggressively inclined person underlining that he didn’t choose the victims – he was shooting everybody in front of his eyes.


Real way of regulation

The question that has to be answered now is what next? Are there any real solutions to prevent future similar massacres?


Luckily, it is quite possible that the answer is ready indeed. Back in 1996, when Australia suffered from the similar problem, its authorities made people forfeit their guns in order to get rid of them forever. As a result, more than 650,000 pieces of deadly weapons were handed in, making the program the largest guns’ elimination in history.

God family and guns / YouTube

Scared society requires help.

A lot of people support the idea of stopping the violence. Among them, several celebrities showed great desire to find the solution to stop such accidents.

The Internet reaction is clear – the terror must be ceased, and it is to be done immediately.

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