Babysitting Saves Elderly People From Dementia And Alzheimer’s

Date March 15, 2018

Babysitting gives so much joy and pleasure, as small kids are a great source of positive energy. But it turns out it is also good for the health and the general well-being of seniors. Recent studies show that babysitting can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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The journal of the North American Menopause Society published the results of the cognitive tests which show that grandparents who were involved in babysitting have much higher scores than those who didn’t. But it is also important to keep the balance: Results of those who were babysitting five days and more are worse.

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The explanation of these results is simple: Those elderly people who babysat their grandchildren were actively involved in social interaction with kids, which is a major component of the healthy lifestyle. Kids require much energy and they don’t let people feel sad, as it is necessary to play with them constantly, discuss something or go somewhere.

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The research that was conducted by the National Institute on Aging proves there is a strong connection between social interaction, health, and well-being among older adults. So it is possible to make a conclusion that babysitting helps seniors to stay healthy and active.

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So, there is an excellent excuse to ask grandparents to babysit their grandchildren for a while. It will not only be a good time spent together, but also a perfect therapy and prevention of such diseases as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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