Donald Trump Heroically Stopped A Mugger Back In 1991

Date March 5, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. has recently posted a picture of a New York Daily News report dated November 20, 1991, on his Instagram account. He wrote in the caption: “I remember this as a kid. It was a very cool story to hear about my father at the time... felt like my dad was Batman.”

On the photo, there is an article about his father called "Mugger's Trumped, Donald Stops Attack”, telling a story about Donald Trump and his heroic act.

It happened when Donald Trump, who was 45 years old at that time, was on his way to a Paula Abdul concert together with his second wife, Marla Maples. Suddenly, he noticed a “big guy with a big bat” beating another man. Donald Trump decided to see what is going on and asked the limousine driver to stop.

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The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, “Look, you’ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat. I guess he recognized me because he said, ‘Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.’ I said, ‘How could you not do anything wrong when you’re whacking a guy with a bat?’ Then he ran away.



Trump left the place only after the ambulance arrived and the victim was being treated by a witness who turned out to be a doctor.

Nevertheless, witness accounts are so different. One woman said the mugger left before Trump even approached him. Other people claim they saw Trump yelling at the guy with a bat:

 Put that bat down. What are you doing.

Donald Trump was recently mocked after he suggested he could run towards danger even without having a gun. But it turned out he was not joking and he actually did it back in the 90s.

Good job, Donald Trump!



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