Woman Jumps In Freezing Lake To Rescue Her Puppy

Date January 15, 2018

Dogs are considered to be man's best friend, as they are very devoted, supporting, and smart. They prefer spending much time with their owners, and they can’t imagine themselves without each other.

And when something bad happens, both people and dogs will do anything to save the life of their best friend.

This woman proved to be really courageous after jumping into a freezing lake to save her dog. It is even hard to imagine how cold it was, but the weather didn’t stop her from rescuing the pet. People who were walking by could not but stop and watch, as everybody wanted to make sure they both are okay.

Somebody recorded the video and posted it online. Thousands of people started to comment it and share their own stories. For example, Chris Hatchelt wrote that one day he saved his golden lab from drowning in the sea.

This poor dog got stuck between the ice and couldn’t get out by himself. He was crying for help as it was extremely cold, and finally, he was noticed by a team of brave guys who didn’t hesitate to rescue him. A man slid across an icy surface and saved the animal.

The dog suffered from hypothermia, but everything ended up successfully. Eventually, the dog was adopted by a loving family.

This brave young woman risked her life jumping in an ice-cold lake as well. This story happened in in Alexandra Palace, North London.

Woman’s dog was chasing a bird when suddenly the ice broke and it was no longer possible to get. Luckily, his owner was a brave one and managed to take him back to the shore.

These people prove that nothing should stop us from helping others.