5 Tiniest And Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

Date November 23, 2017

When people think of a dog, they usually imagine a large animal who can guard the house and save family members in case of emergency situation. But some dogs can be tiny and cute.

1. Affenpinscher

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These dogs are often called monkey dogs, as they are usually so active and full of energy. Representatives of this breed have quite a long history. Originally, they were used by the owners to keep rats and mice away from shops and stables. Over some time, they were bred to become a little smaller and take the role of the owner’s friend.

Nowadays, they are considered to be good for families. Dogs enjoy guarding the house and make sure to notify owners when somebody is approaching the door. Also, they like to communicate with other pets, as socialization is essential for them.

2. Russian Toy

These dogs originate from Russia and can have two different types of coat: smooth and long. Smooth-haired ones often look like tiny deers, which makes it one of the cutest breeds ever. The original role of the Russian Toy is to be a rat fighter and a watchdog. These dogs became popular since the 1990s and until that time, they were almost unknown for people outside Russia.

They are really dedicated and faithful to their owners, and it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

3. Papillon

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Their name is translated as “butterfly” from the French language, as these dogs resemble butterfly’s wings. The color of the coat is rather interesting: white plus any other color. This combination makes these dogs look quite unusual. They are also easily trained and can learn new tricks very fast.

Papillons might not be the right choice for calm owners. It is not the type of dog with whom people can sit and watch television together. They are always curious and strive to learn new things.

4. Chihuahua

Chihuahua dogs were named after one of the states in Mexico. Some people even call them pocket or purse pets. The structure of their body is rather delicate, so the owners should make sure they are not injured while jumping off high places.

Chihuahua is recognized as one of the ten most popular breeds. Dogs can be very different regarding their appearance. It means they can come in a variety of colors, coat lengths, etc.

5. Pomeranian

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The breed has become popular since the 18th century when members of the British royal family started to keep them as pets. The interesting fact is that during the lifetime of Queen Victoria, the size of Pomeranian decreased by half. They still remain one of the most popular around the word.

Pomeranians usually weight around three to seven pounds, but their personality is huge. Some people describe them as “the little dog who thinks he can.” They are very unique and are known to be committed to their owners. Also, Pomeranians are amazing watchdogs, as they have a rather loud bark.

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