Twins That Have The Most Unusual And Gorgeous Looks

Date December 12, 2018

Twins have always been considered to be unique and different from the rest of the people. They are never alone and have a strong emotional connection with a brother or sister. But these twins also have a very unusual look.

Leah Rose and her twin sister Ava Marie

Jaqi, the mother of these wonderful girls, started to receive compliments from people right after twins were born. Everybody was fascinated by their natural beauty. The woman even thought about taking them to a modeling agency but then decided just to create a page on Instagram. She was really surprised by the amount of attention that Leah Rose and Ava Marie get from people.

Anaya and Kyla

Hannah Yarker and her partner Kyle Armstrong couldn’t believe their eyes when their baby girls were born. Anaya and Kyla were born with different skin colors, which is a very rare case; the chance is about 1 in 500. It is interesting that while Hannah was pregnant, her friends were joking that babies might end up having different skin colors.

Lucy and Maria Aylmer

These girls were also born with different skin tones as their parents belong to different ethnicities. Their father, Vince, is Caucasian, and his wife, Donna, is partly Jamaican. Of course, they were expecting children with a mixed skin tone, but they could never imagine they would end up having so unusual kids. Nevertheless, they really look similar.


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These twins are different from everybody else, which made them so popular, especially on social media. But despite such popularity, they remain being a good sibling that can always help and support.