Hair vs. Bald: We Added Hair To 10 Bald Celebrities And It Changed Their Look Completely

Date February 5, 2018

While many men are afraid of the sole idea of losing their hair, there are several celebrities who embrace the look and sport it with dignity. For many of them, being bald became somewhat of a signature feature. For instance, can you imagine Vin Diesel or Michael Jordan with a head full of hair? Neither can we.


This is why we decided to add some strands here and there to their photos and see what happens. Below, you will find ten of the most impressive transformations.

1. Vin Diesel

Perhaps, nobody even remembers Vin Diesel having any hair at all. Which only makes it even more interesting to see this unexpected transformation.


2. Jason Statham

Hair or no hair, the Furious star always looks perfect, don't you agree?


3. Dave Chappelle

This transformation of the Grammy-winning comedian Dave Chappelle looks pretty unexpected.


4. Bruce Willis

It has been a while since we saw Bruce Willis sporting that rock-star hairstyle he used to have in the early years of his acting career. Now, we can see what he would have looked like if he did not shave it off all the time.


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5. Michael Jordan

NBA Star, Michael Jordan, always rocked the look of a clean-shaved, bald-headed superstar. And seeing him with a full head of hair is quite unusual.


6. Larry David

The next victim of our funny experiment is Larry David. The man looks pretty great for being in his seventies, and an additional cope of hair only improves the look, don't you think?


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7. Common

The next star on our list is rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, more famous as simply Common. Just look at his face and expression – it has changed completely!


8. Dwayne Johnson

The camera obviously loves The Rock star. Do you remember these unbelievably sweet photos of Dwayne and his little daughter, Jasmine? He always has this stunning smile on his face, and now, with just a bit more hair on his head, the actor looks even happier.


9. Samuel L. Jackson

Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson proves one more time that he can flawless with any hairstyle.


10. John Malkovich

And the final transformation within our little experiment is the Hollywood legend, John Malkovich.


Did you like these transformations? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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