Melanie Griffith Posts Touching Pictures From Her Mother's 88th Birthday

Date January 22, 2018

On January 19, one of the brightest Hollywood stars, Nathalie Kay Hedren, otherwise known as Tippi Hedren, celebrated her 88th birthday. To share the happy news, her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, shared an entire series of sweet and funny posts on Instagram.

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Melanie Griffith belongs to one of the most beautiful and talented families in Hollywood. Just like her legendary mother, she managed to build quite a successful acting career and make an impressive impact on people's lives through her philanthropic efforts.

The Working Girl star is pretty close with her mother. Just recently, the 60-year-old shared a touching photo with a sweet caption reading:

With my eternally young and beautiful Mom. She is 87 and lives life to the fullest.

They have another great actress in their family – a young but already pretty successful Hollywood star, Dakota Johnson, famous for her performance in the Fifty Shades series and the comedy How to Be Single.

Celebrating Tippi's 88th birthday.

On the day of her mother's birthday, Melanie posted a series of touching, sweet, and funny posts on Instagram. First, she congratulated her legendary mom on the special occasion by posting their common photo, accompanied by a touching message.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Mama!! I love you soooo much. You are an extraordinary, strong, healthy, wild, beautiful and loving Mom and MorMor.

And then, Melanie shared a couple of short videos from that wonderful moment when the birthday girl was trying to blow out the candles.

Even though there were obviously less than 88 candles, it wasn't an easy task for Tippi to blow them out all at once.

Finally, the Birds star managed to accomplish this incredibly challenging task.

We really hope that the wish she made will come true and for happier years to come!

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