Entertaining Winter Brain Teaser That Is Not That Easy To Solve

Date January 16, 2018

Winter has its special magic with all these magnificent snowflakes, each one looking completely different from the rest.

I wonder about the snowflakes,

about how they're all just tiny specks.

Falling with no predetermined direction

yet, eventually, they land firmly on the ground.

They are all the same tiny specks

but not to those who look closely.

Apparently each speck only acts like a dot

trying to hide from its reality.

If we magnify our vision

we see each flake differently.

Each with its own unique and intricate pattern.

None alike and yet, each with its own brilliance.

Kaira DA, Snowflake


And there are a lot of ways you can enjoy this wonderful time of the year. When being outside, you can play hundreds of different games: from starting a snowball fight to making a funny snowman.


And when you are staying at home, you can always have some fun while trying to solve a challenging puzzle or brain teaser, like the one we have prepared for you today. Put your own attentiveness to the test and try to find the right answer!

So, here is the task. Take a look at the picture below: It is a simple math equation. But do not rush with the answer and remember to pay attention to the details.

Interesting fact: According to a recent study, brain exercises help people improve their working memory, no matter their age group. Also, brain games may help improve memory in people with mild cognitive impairments, including early stages of dementia.

So, while having a little fun with brain teaser like this one, you also help your brain stay in a good shape. Furthermore, it is one of these games you can easily play with any of your friends and family.

Now, back to our task. Have you solved it yet? Scroll down to check the answer.


So, the right answer is 22. You see, there is only one mitten and not two of them, and the last snowflake has only five arms instead of six.

We really hope you enjoyed solving this puzzle. Did you manage to do it at first attempt? Leave a comment below and tell us how long it took you to finally get the right answer. And don't forget to share this challenging and fun brain teaser with your friends and family.

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