Steven Tyler Fulfilled His Dream Of Nearly 30 Years By Founding A Safety House For Abused Girls

Date December 20, 2017

Steven Tyler first realized how terrifying the consequences of child abuse were when he was in rehab 30 years ago.


For the last three decades, the frontman of the legendary rock & roll band Aerosmith dreamed of one simple thing: to find a way to help and protect abused and neglected girls and women. And recently, this dream of his has finally come true – Steven Tyler created Janie's House.

A life-changing experience

It all began with Tyler going to a rehab back in the 1980s. At the moment, the musician could not even imagine what a huge impact this experience would have on his entire life.

At the rehab, Steven met dozens of women whose lives were broken for the same reason: Their childhood was full of violence and abuse, reports CNN. Trying to cope with the pain and bad memories that were haunting them, these women turned to drugs.

While I was in (rehab), I found out most of the women in there were battered and beaten and abused verbally and sexually in huge numbers. It was like seven out of 10, eight out of 10.

The singer was so affected by what he saw and heard that he wrote a song "Janie's Got a Gun." It was telling a story of a little girl, sexually abused by her father. Almost instantly, the song became a real hit and is now one of Aerosmith's most recognizable singles.

But writing the song was only the first step toward making a difference.

Janie's got a safe home

Tyler's Janie became a prototype of all the women who suffer from violence and abuse. It took the rock & roll star more than two decades before in 2015, he managed to team up with Youth Villages and launch Janie's Fund – a philanthropic initiative, called to help neglected and abused girls.

And finally, two years later, they opened the doors of Janie's House in Atlanta. The shelter is meant to give vulnerable young girls both a safe place to leave in and professional help they need to recover from whatever nightmares they have been through.

The Grammy-winning singer was also present at the official opening of Janie's House, and even got to know some of its first residents.

It's wonderful to see such people as Steven Tyler putting so much effort into helping those who need it the most. By following his lead and helping each other, we can make this world a better and much safer place for everyone.

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