One More Beckham (12-Year-Old Cruz) Keeps Up Our Season Spirits By His Christmas Song

Date December 11, 2017 16:38

12-year-old Cruz Beckham seems to inherit his mother's musical talents. The son of a famous soccer player David Beckham and the former Spice Girls participant Victoria Beckham, Cruz started his own musical career at an impressive age of 11 years.

Cruz David Beckham is the third kid in the Beckhams family. He has two elder brothers, namely Brooklyn Joseph and Romeo James, and a little sister Harper. And even though that one festive single is all the boy has recorded so far, it seems to be a great start.

For now, Cruz keeps working hard on his future career in the entertainment industry: he takes singing classes, plays guitar, and dedicates a lot of his free time to the music. However, earlier this year, the teenager concerned his fans and subscribers on social media with a video of one of his workouts.

Early morning singing lesson????

Допис, поширений Cruz Beckham (@cruzbeckham)

The boy posted a short video of a weight training session he had with his brother Brooklyn, reports the Daily Mail. Many of the social media users were not happy about the video, saying that Cruz was “too young” to be lifting the same weights that Brooklyn did.

It looks like his audience loves Cruz's singing more than his fitness performances. The kid has an amazing voice indeed and has all the chances to become a great artist one day.

???? #IfEveryDayWasChristmas

Допис, поширений Cruz Beckham (@cruzbeckham)

For now, we know for sure that despite his very young age, little Cruz has a big and kind heart. When Cruz released his very first single If Every Day Was Christmas a year ago, he did it on one condition: all the proceeds from the song will go to the charity.

Even today, his beautiful festive song keeps helping kids and youth. So, let's listen to this sweet song one more time and support the little philanthropist in his great cause.

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