Two Hawaiian Men Who Have Been Friends For 60 Years Found Out That They Are Brothers

Date January 3, 2018

Two men from Hawaii made a great Christmas present to both themselves and their families. After nearly six decades of friendship, Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane discovered they are also related by blood and are, in fact, actual brothers.

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Looking for their origins

Alan and Walter first met when they were in the 6th grade and bonded pretty quickly. When they grew up, Robinson and Macfarlane managed to keep their friendship thriving.

The friends have a lot in common. Back at school, they both joined a football team and often played together. They also had a pretty similar life stories: Alan was adopted as a child, and his friend Walter never knew his real father.

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For years, each man tried to learn more about his origins. And even though they were soughing for answers separately, both friends ended up on the same DNA-matching website.

Best friends turned brothers

When Walter was looking through the matches he got on the website, there was one top match with a user Robi737. They had several DNA matches, including identical X chromosomes.

Funnily enough, Walter's longtime friend Alan Robinson happened to have a nickname 'Robi' and fly a Boeing-737 for Aloha Airlines. So, eventually, they found out that Robinson had used the same online service to learn more about his family.

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Turned out, Alan and Walter have the same birth mother. But the most impressive part of this amazing story is that over the years of friendship, the men did not even think they might be related.

It was an overwhelming experience, it’s still overwhelming. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get over this feeling.

The duo revealed the exciting news on Saturday, December 23, turning their discovery into a perfect Christmas gift for the entire family.

As for their plans for the future, the brothers say they want to travel to Las Vegas to meet their classmates and enjoy their retirement together.

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