Boxing Or Tennis? Olympia Ohanian Is Getting Ready To Be A Star Like Her Mother

Date February 5, 2018

Serena Williams is one proud mother, and it looks like she cannot wait to watch her little girl, Olympia, become a sports star. But what sports will she be great at? That is the big question.

The boxing pro

The five-month-old cutie is definitely strong and tough like her mom. Fortunately, Serena is only too happy to share pictures of her little girl's special moments.

Last month, the tennis star shared this Instagram pic below of a tough-looking Olympia punching the air. The little girl had just gone to the gym with her father and was obviously still feeling strong.

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The boxer moves had many hearts melting as the photo received over 77,000 likes. Clearly, many people cannot wait to see Olympia shine in the ring.

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A tennis superstar

Of course, if we have to imagine Olympia in the perfect sport, it has to be in tennis. With a celebrated tennis player as a mother, we bet if she chooses to go that route, she will be an absolute natural. And Serena obviously thinks so too.

A few days ago, she shared another Instagram picture that featured her daughter holding a tennis racket. The proud mom captioned it:

Olympia Ohanian, at match point, championship point, even without her shoes she's hard to beat. Serving now For her 12th Wimbledon title. 3 more than her mum Serena.

From the above, it's safe to say that Serena has been imagining her baby girl on the court. Wouldn't it be the best thing if this particular scenario in the caption came true?

Olympia is so adorable

Of course, Serena's daughter will be who she wants to be when it comes to a future career, and we are certain her mother will happily support her choices.

In the meantime, let us take a look at some of her cutest moments.

We can see why Serena just cannot stop taking photos of her daughter. And fans cannot get enough.

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