Amy Roloff Wishes Her Son, Jacob, A Happy Birthday

Date January 16, 2018 11:21

For the Roloff family, 2018 is a year of unity and togetherness. In the last few months of 2017, several rumors of a sibling-feud were sparked after Jacob Roloff reportedly unfollowed his sister-in-law, Audrey on Instagram.

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However, recent events and pictures shared by Amy Roloff assured fans that everything was just fine with the family.

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Jacob obviously loves spending time with them.

Ahead of his 21st birthday (coming up on the 17th of January), Amy Roloff shared a few pictures of her youngest son enjoying family-time.

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On Friday, the mother of four shared a post on Facebook where she stated that Jacob was having "a great time hanging out w/ his nephew and niece w/ friends and family."

My baby is 21 (officially on 17th). All my kids are grown up now! Momma 

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The matriarch's Facebook fans happily celebrated with her on the special occasion by posting congratulatory comments while also wishing  Jacob a happy birthday in advance.

A new year - a closer family

In celebration of the new year, Amy Roloff shared some photos on social media of her family enjoying the holiday season.

In one of them, they all took a second to smile for the camera as they enjoyed a hiking trip.

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"Good beginning for 2018!" Amy captioned the post as she explained that she and her brook decided to take a walk around the farm.

A week ago, Amy and Jacob both had what looked like a special mother/son breakfast together.

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It's pretty fantastic to see Jacob back and having a swell time with his family including his adorable little nieces and nephews. Seeing Amy Roloff's regular family update sure warms the heart.

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