Brave Couple Endures Cold Weather To Take Engagement Photos In Front Of A Frozen Waterfall

Date December 12, 2018

To take beautiful engagement pictures, you have to be creative. But to take one that will end up going viral on social media, your idea ought to be way outside the box. And that's what this beautiful couple did.

Posing in front of freezing waterfall

Morgan Daye and Josh Morris never actually planned for their photo session to turn out the way it did. They had two things in mind when they were planning the shoot. One of them was Bald River Falls, a place they really loved to visit.

And the second was that Kellie Elmore, their friend and photographer, would be the one to capture the special event.

What they did not bank on was that the waterfall would be frozen on the day of the shoot. But, like Kellie said when she spoke to PEOPLE, it turned out to be truly "majestic".

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The chilling weather was also something else they did not expect. But the couple saw the beauty potential on the cold day and decided to make the photos. Kellie said:

It was super cold, but when we got there we were just amazed how it looked in real life.

Morgan and Josh did not let a little bit of chill hold them back. The view of the "90-foot waterfall" only intensified the allure. According to Kellie, the soon-to-be bride and groom had a great time. They dance and had fun on the ice, and it was not so hard for Kellie to get the perfect shots.

The couple plans to get married on May 11th. Now, they hope to find a breathtaking spot for their big day that will top this one.

Reactions and admiration

Kellie posted the photos on her Facebook page on January 7th, and it did not take long for the likes and comments to roll in.

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The pictures were shared over 2,000 times and garnered more than 4,000 likes. Commenters had nothing but great things to say about the beautiful couple and their incredible scenery.