Elephant In Captivity Sees Another Of Her Kind For The First Time In 40 Years. Her Reaction Is Touching

Date January 16, 2018 10:59

It's heartbreaking to know that there are animals in this world that are being maltreated, hurt, and abused. A lot of them are so neglected that they often develop fatal health problems.


The good news is that there are people doing all they can to rescue these creatures and give them a new home. This is why stories like this one will always give us a reason to believe.


Meet Priyanka

Priyanka is a gorgeous elephant. She's majestic and strong. Unfortunately, there were people taking advantage of her strength for their own gain. To make matters worse, Priyanka got nothing in return - not even love and care.

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For forty years, Priyanka was used as an entertainment elephant. She was forced to give rides and was even rented out for events. Those who controlled her made use of sharp and dangerous objects to force her to submission. It was just such a terrible way to live.

DodoImpact / Facebook

Thankfully, she was eventually rescued and taken to her new home - a beautiful field where she could move freely without hindrance.

She was loved and cared for. Due to the way she was maltreated, she suffered a lot of health problems. However, all that was behind her.

DodoImpact / Facebook

And to cap it all off, she was able to make new friends. Sadly, in all her years in captivity, Priyanka never got to meet other elephants. But all that changed at her new home. She met another lovely elephant named Laxmi, and from the video below, they seemed to hit it off immediately.

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Appreciation for the rescuers

Following this video, which was posted on TheDodo Facebook page, several people shared their comments, appreciating Priyanka's rescuers and praising them for a well done job.

Because of these kindhearted humans, Priyanka gets to enjoy the rest of her days free and happy. That is quite uplifting.

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