Pink Shares The Dating Advice She Gave To Her 6-Year-Old Daughter, Willow

Date December 7, 2017

Singer, Pink, got candid in a recent interview with Cosmo. She was open about a lot of things including the kind of person she hopes her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, would date someday.

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Pink, the talented singer and free spirit

Pink (born Alecia Beth Moore) is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress. A lot of her songs like There You Go, Nobody's Perfect, and Let's Get This Party Started went on to become chart toppers. She is known all around the world for her strong signature vocals and acrobatic performances.

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The singer has been pretty vocal about how much she enjoys motherhood and the unique ways she plans to raise her children. For example, she recently told The Sunday People that she is raising Willow to be 'gender neutral.' The What About Us singer said she saw a bathroom outside her daughter's kindergarten that had the words "Gender Neutral-anybody' on it. "I took a picture of it and I wrote, 'Progress'. I thought that was awesome."

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The singer believes in the importance of teaching her children to do away with labels but most importantly, she hopes her baby girl would one day meet a man that is deserving of her.

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The beautiful Willow

The 6-year-old girl has captured our attention many times. She accompanied her mother to the MTV Video Music Awards in August and stole the spotlight. There were several Willow moments that melted our hearts, including one when she sang along to her mother's song while Pink was performing on stage.

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Pink's dating advice

The singer covered Cosmopolitan's January 2018 issue and, in the interview, she talked about the dating advice she gave her daughter.

Pink began by sharing a question Willow asked her.

She said to me the other day, 'How many boys can I have at once?' And I said, 'Excuse me?' I said, 'Probably none of them because they won’t deserve you'.

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The pop star then went on to list the attributes that Willow should look out for in a man. According to her, they must be kind, respectful, chivalrous, good to their mothers, good-looking, and funny.

Well, with a mother like this, we bet Willow will, one day, end up with a true gem and this is probably only one of the many advice the little girl would get.

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