5 Ways To Keep Relationship Under The Radar: Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Kept A Low Profile For Many Years

Date December 11, 2018

In the age of social media, even regular people cannot help but share details of their relationship with the world. Now imagine how much more impossible it will be to keep that kind of relationship hidden as a famous singer and a tennis superstar.

But somehow, Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova are doing just that.

The happy couple

The Russian beauty is a former professional tennis player. Even though that was technically her career, she was able to achieve celebrity status thanks to her gorgeous looks, endorsement deals, and TV appearances. In fact, she had such a huge fan base that at one point, she was the most searched person on Google.











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Without any doubt, Enrique Iglesias has the body of an athlete, but it's his sultry voice that his fans find most appealing. The Spanish singer is known for several hit songs like Rhythm Divine, Be With You, Escape, and Hero.











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Speaking of which, Enrique actually met Anna on the set of his Escape music video and it was not long before they started dating. At the time, Anna was 20-years-old while Enrique was 26. In the video, Anna played the singer's love interest, and evidently, things took off from there.

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5 ways the couple have managed to keep their 16-year relationship on the down low

1. They don't live in Hollywood

Since the pair got serious, they decided to move far away from the bright lights of Hollywood to enjoy a more quiet existence on a private Island in Miami Beach.


2. They are pros at handling interviews

Even if they have managed to seclude themselves to some extent, they cannot completely get away from the media. There will be interviews and the couple will be asked questions about their relationship. But evidently, they have this part down too. They know exactly how to stir the question from private topics without making it too obvious.

For example, in 2010, Anna was a guest on Loose Women and she was outrightly asked if she was engaged after one of the women spotted a sparkling ring on her finger. Her response?

Well, we've been together for over eight years. So you have to have that trust with each other. You know, it's not easy being together for so long, but I kind of understand him a lot because he's the male version of me and I'm kind of the female version of him.

And just like that, we never got a straight answer to the question.

3. No lovey-dovey social media posts

Even though we all know that the pair is in a relationship, you will be hard-pressed to find anything on their social media that points at this fact. Shouting each other out on Instagram is not just something they do. In fact, you won't find Anna on Enrique's Instagram and vice versa.

4. They give us just enough, but not too much

If the couple stayed completely under the radar, it won't be long before the breakup rumours begin to make the rounds. So, every once in a while, either of them will let the world know that things are good, but in such a way that we do not get to know too much.

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5. They know what they are doing

The fact that the couple has managed to keep their personal life private is not an accident. It's a conscious effort that we imagine they make every single day. Speaking to E! News in 2014, Enrique said:

For me, I do try to keep my personal life private because I need that balance. When I go back home, and I'm home, I want to make sure that whatever happens in my house is just for me and my loved ones that are with me right there, I need that.

Anything is possible if you're determined

There are celebs out there that are finding it difficult to enjoy a private life even though they want to very much. But Enrique and Anna have proven that anything is possible if you are determined to do all you can to achieve it.

This couple is balancing life in the spotlight with enjoying their privacy, and the fact that they are 16 years strong is saying something.

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