Ivanka Trump Endorses The Opinion That A College Degree Does Not Guarantee A Successful Career

Date December 11, 2017 11:37

Ivanka Trump recently shared an interesting idea that the pursuit of a 4-year degree does not automatically result in a successful career. She shared an article that promoted the idea that organisations these days are more interested in actual skills than academic achievement.


Jobs now emphasize skills, rather than a college degree

Steve Lohr, the author of the New York Times article, shared the story of a man who had no actual job or extensive educational history but managed to get himself a thriving career. Even though he never really had any experience, Bridges kept himself busy. While he was looking for a job, he built and sold some stripped-down personal computers. He also attended a short course in information technology at a community college.

What he lacked in experience, Bridges made up for in skill and talents. One day, he applied for a job at IBM and got the chance to demonstrate those skills.

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The 25-year-old went from having no job and desperately hoping he would be hired by Burger King, to making $45,000 as a computer security analyst for IBM:

I got one big break. That’s what I needed.

Lohr's article focused on how, these days, companies would rather have you prove what you can actually do than hire you based solely on your degree.

Ivanka Trump's Opinion

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Ivanka shared the link to Lohr's article on her Facebook. She captioned it saying:

Great article illustrating that a traditional 4-year college degree is not required for a successful career.


Most people, who reacted to Trump's post, were in agreement that a college degree does not, in fact, guarantee a successful future. Majority of them said they are an advocate for this idea and they understand how important it is to gain actual skills as opposed to spending years behind a desk and studying theories.

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There were some who said their own experiences have turned them off to even sending their own kids to college.

Then others who believed that colleges these days are only trying to serve their own personal motives.

We can certainly see the point that the article and Trump were trying to make. No matter how much a person learns, it is also important that they get practical skills too.

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