Sigourney Weaver: The ‘Sci-Fi Queen’ Was Once Underestimated By Her Parents And Drama School Teachers

Date November 22, 2017

Born Susan Alexandra Weaver in October 1949, the actress now known as Sigourney Weaver. She has now become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Even though she was often discouraged from acting when she was younger, her talent was so spectacular that people quickly noticed her when she played a minor role many years ago.


As a young girl

Weaver's mother, Elizabeth Inglis, was also an actress, but due to some reasons, she never really recognized this gift in her daughter. When Weaver was a young girl, Inglis was not very enthusiastic about her acting career.

In an interview with the Guardian, Weaver said her mother would often tell her she was too sensitive to criticism. But looking back, the star actress held no grudges.

Do any parents want their daughters to be actors? They were probably skeptical, but not unsupportive.

In some ways, Weaver believed this skepticism from her mom was actually a good thing as she did not have to feel a lot of pressure to have or follow a career plan. She simply went with her heart.

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It was not just her mother's doubt that caused Weaver to worry about whether or not a future in acting was possible. After graduating from Yale School of Drama, where she studied alongside Meryl Streep, she disclosed that she found it difficult to find work. She said:

I was not a confident person, but I knew what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want security, I didn’t want continuity. I had been discouraged at drama school from a career, so I thought, fine, I don’t care. I will just try in my own way.

She did not let the uncertainties hold her down and resolved to do whatever acting job came her way. She was ready to mix it up until she found where she fit in.

Her acting career

In 1977, she made her official acting debut as a minor character in the movie Annie Hall. Even though she did not do much compared to the lead character, she still ended up making an impression on the public, and within two years, she had her first lead role. She played the part of Ellen Ripley in 'Alien'. She was so good in the movie that she came back for the sequels, 'Aliens', 'Alien 3', and 'Alien: Resurrection'.

For her hard work and talent, she received the Academy Award nomination for The Best Actress. Over the years, she played leading roles in other movies like 'Ghostbusters', ‘Ghostbusters II’, and ‘Avatar’, all of which were big hits at the box office.

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Hollywood soon began referring to her as the 'Sci-Fi Queen’ due to the impressive performance she gave on several hit Sci-Fi movies.

Marriage and family


Sigourney Weaver married to stage director, Jim Simpson, in October 1984, and they had their baby girl, Charlotte, in April 1990. Compared to a lot of other big names in Hollywood, Weaver has, so far, been able to keep her personal life as private as possible.

Upcoming roles

Even though the actress is now 68, she does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. In fact, she has at least four films coming out between now and 2022. Three of them are sequels to the 'Avatar' film and one 'Alien' sequel. Between now and then, she will also feature in several small films.

This woman is proof that sticking to your desire and goal often yields positive results. There were times others doubted her, but she ensured she built confidence by constantly working hard and growing. Now, she has a repertoire of films and performances.

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