Susan Sarandon Never Planned To Become An Actress - It Was Pure Luck

Date November 30, 2017

Susan Sarandon is known to be one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. Sarandon's acting career began in 1970 and since then, she has garnered fame, both for her career as an actress and also for her philanthropic works and political activism. She starred in such big hits as 'Thelma and Louise' (1991), 'Dead Man Walking' (1995), and 'The Client' (1994).


In The Beginning

Susan Sarandon was born on October 4, 1946, to Lenora Marie and Phillip Leslie Tomalin. She was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Roman Catholic schools. She also attended the Catholic University of America.

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While growing up, Sarandon did not have a deep interest in acting. It was not until she married Chris Sarandon that she began to consider the possibility of a career in that area. Chris was an actor at the time and was invited to a casting call for the movie, 'Joe.' Sarah went along with him. While Chris did not end up getting the part, Susan got a major role in the film which then became her Hollywood debut. Speaking to The Guardian, she said:

So I had never taken acting lessons, never thought of myself as a practical actor or anything, but just sort of fell into it.


The crime drama became such a big success that it led to her appearance in other films, including a big part in the soap operas 'A World Apart' and 'Search For Tomorrow'. In the 1970s, she became a household name.


In 1995, Susan won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Sister Helen Prejean in the film, 'Dead Man Walking'.

In 2009, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at that year's edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival. A year later, she was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Two years ago, Susan also received the Goldene Kamera International lifetime achievement award.


Her life offscreen

For many years, Susan continued to get even more famous and got big roles in movies that went on to be box office hits. She captured hearts and people were very interested in the beautiful young woman, especially when it came to her personal life.

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Unfortunately, her marriage to Chris ended in 1979 amidst rumors of affairs on her part. In 2014, the actress confessed to having a passionate relationship with her 'The Hunger' co-star, David Bowie.In an interview, she was quoted as saying:

He’s worth idolizing. He’s extraordinary. That was a really interesting period.


The love story eventually came to an end because Susan did not want children. "I wasn't supposed to have kids," she said, adding that being the oldest of nine children and mothering them all kept that urge to settle down and have babies at bay.

She did eventually go on to have a daughter, Eve Amurri, with the Italian filmmaker, Franco Amurri on March 15, 1985.


She later dated actor Tim Robbins who she had two sons for. In 2009, that relationship ended and she was soon linked with Jonathan Bricklin, a relationship that lasted until 2015.

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Susan Sarandon has been in the movie industry for over 40 years, a feat that not every actress can boast of. Till date, she is still very much sought-after. She recently played the role of Isis Dunkler in 'A Bad Mom's Christmas' and has a couple of movies on the way. At 71, Susan does not seem to be slowing down and we think that is pretty laudable.

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