5 Gorgeous Daughters Of Celebrity Fathers Who Are Not-So-Handsome

Date November 18, 2017

A positive father-daughter relationship may have an enormous impact on any girl’s life, influencing her character, self-esteem, confidence and even choice of men in the future. But if the fathers are famous, the responsibility grows accordingly, as well-known parents are always under the pressure of public scrutiny.

We have compiled a list of some renowned father-daughter duos, in which the girls are amazingly stunning and the fathers are role models for being charismatic and successful.

1. Sean and Dylan Penn


Dylan Penn is Sean’s eldest daughter with his ex-wife Robin Wright, who was born in 1991. He also has a son Hopper, born in 1993. Even though Penn doesn’t seem to have the looks of the lady-killer, he has been involved with some of the most beautiful and successful women in show-business. His both marriages – with Robin Wright and Madonna - ended with divorce. He has also been engaged twice: to Elizabeth McGovern and Charlize Theron.

But Sean can certainly be proud of his stunning daughter Dylan, who has become an actress and a model, working with the world-famous brands, such as Gap, and appearing on GQ, Elle and L'Officiel magazines.

2. Rowan and Lily Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson, famous for his role of Mr. Bean, can surely win the Mr. Charming award. His talent and skills of transformation have won millions of hearts.


And his daughter Lily, born in 1995, has decided to follow her father’s footsteps and become an actress. She started a career as a burlesque dancer and singer two years ago and has attracted a lot of attention ever since. But recently, the 22-year-old has changed her last name from Atkinson into her mother’s maiden name, Sastry. The reasons behind such a decision are still unknown.

What is even weirder is that after a series of successful performances in London last year, the actress suddenly disappeared from social media, deleting all the pictures and leaving her followers guessing what might have happened.

We hope that she hasn’t lost connection with her famous father, but she does have great looks, no matter what!

3. Steven and Liv Tyler


As it turned out, Liv Tyler hadn’t known about her biological father, Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, until the age of 8. Her mother was very young when she had her, and there seems to have been a confusion about where Liv came from, but, all in all, the girl was raised surrounded by loving and caring people. One of them was Todd, her mother’s husband, whom Liv still considers her father.

Liv maintains a close connection with him, saying,

I'm so grateful to him, I have so much love for him. You know, when he holds me it feels like Daddy. And he's very protective and strong,

Steven is a pretty good-looking man, but Liv is lucky to have inherited her mother’s looks. Being the mother of two, Liv is happy that her kids have such an amazing fun grandfather who is always ready to play with them and amuse them.

4. Donald and Ivanka Trump


Donald Trump is indeed lucky to have his daughter Ivanka as his political partner. She has stood by his side all her professional life, be it as a fellow judge on The Apprentice or as a colleague in board meetings. She was the one who presented him at the launch of his campaign, and now that he has become the President, she works as his official assistant.

Their bond has always been special. She went to Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the same college her father attended. Ivanka even named her first son after Donald’s father: Joseph Frederick, the second name being after the other paternal grandfather. They both love playing golf, and Ivanka sometimes even seems to be copying her father’s style of talking and manners. She jokes that she is “slowly morphing into him”!

5. Mick and May Jagger


Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones’ frontman, has a total of eight children by five different women. Except that, he’s got five grandchildren and a great-grandchild. One of his kids is a stunning Georgia May, who is a Britsh top model.  Her cute tooth gap has amazingly made her famous, and she has modeled for Miu Miu, Chanel, Rimmel London, and Hudson Jeans. Even though she is very successful in her career, her aspiration is to be a photographer.

The psychologists claim that the father’s approach to life will serve as an example for his daughter to build her own life later, even if she chooses a different path. The most important thing is that dad seeks to live a life of integrity and honesty, avoiding lying and hypocrisy. Fathers must admit their own mistakes and let their daughters learn from them. This way the girls will have a positive and realistic example of how to tackle her future problems.

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And these famous dads have clearly succeeded in providing a great role model for their now famous and beautiful daughters!