Handmade Lamps And Christmas Decorations Made Of Yarn

Date November 21, 2017

Handmade decorations and accessories are always much warmer and show the creator’s individuality in a way no professional décor items will ever do. Surprisingly, yarn can be used not only for knitting but also for making these stylish lamps and Christmas balls for the New Year’s Tree! They are easy to make and can be used with or without light bulbs. Moreover, they are not expensive at all!

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The materials and instruments needed for this DIY project include cotton yarn or hemp cord, big bouncy ball, basic school glue, trash bags, towels, a container for glue, bowl, hanging light fixture, LED light bulb, ⅜” 2-piece clamp connector, and 1x¾” washer.

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The process might get pretty messy, so it’s a good idea to line the workplace with trash bags and, maybe, even wear an apron. For the lamp, it is important to mark a large opening on the bottom and a small one for the cord.

Step one

Mix equal parts of glue and water in a plastic container that fits the ball of yarn. Find the end of the thread and soak the entire ball in the glue. After that, start unraveling the thread and wrapping it around the ball. Be sure to leave the openings you marked earlier free of yarn. Pour any remaining glue over the ball, putting some extra glue around the edges of the holes.

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Step two

Leave the soaked ball in a clean spot for at least two days to dry completely. Once it is dry, the original color of the yarn will be seen again, and you can deflate the ball with a pin or some other sharp object. Be sure to let the air our slowly and pull the ball out of the large opening. The yarn globe is ready!

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Step three

To make it a lamp, you can buy the necessary details at the hardware store. Take the washer and slide it down the cord to the position you’d like to set it. After that, take the metal clamp connector, clamp it on the washer, and screw it in place. This will make the lamp safer and prevent the cord from moving. All is left to do is screw the bulb and plug it in to test if any other adjustments are needed.

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The perfect DIY lamp is ready! The beautiful part is that Christmas decorations can be made in the same way, just using smaller balls! They will be a perfect home décor for the holidays and might even serve as small handmade gifts. Moreover, they are so simple to make that even toddlers are able to master it! It’s a great holiday activity to practice with your little ones around Christmas time.

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Please, watch the video for more detailed instructions and enjoy holidays with DIY crafts!

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