How Young Sean Connery Once Had To Defend Himself And Beat Up Six Members Of Dangerous Scottish Criminal Gang

Date November 21, 2017

Sir Thomas Sean Connery, the most famous Scottish actor, is best known for his role of James Bond, which brought him real success. Fans all over the world simply adore his unique manners and distinct accent, which adds charm to his charismatic personality. Throughout his career, Sean Connery has grown from a muscular and witty iconic spy to a wise grey-haired intellectual.


Early years

He spent his childhood in poverty, having to start working at an early age to support the family. Sean never had the intention to become an actor, as he was keen on bodybuilding, determined to take part in competitions. But when he was offered to audition for a role in a musical and got the part, he liked it so much that it completely changed the course of his life. Eventually, he received a role in a Broadway musical “South Pacific,” which got him into a spotlight. His talent and stunning looks made sure he had no trouble finding roles ever since.


When his career was just about to begin, Sean Connery was involved in a not-so-pleasant incident with one of the most dangerous Scottish gangs of 1950’s, the Valdor Gang. Some of the members of this band started threatening him, trying to steal his leather jacket. Avoiding the fight, Connery managed to escape, but the six gangsters followed him through the streets of Edinburgh, forcing him to climb onto the balcony of the Palais theatre.

The situation was dire, as there were six thugs against one unarmed man. But the mobsters underestimated their adversary, not knowing that Connery was a trained bodybuilder with a lot of experience of street fights. Much to their horror, he tackled all six gang members, at one point, smashing the heads of the two of them against each other! Seems like a real movie scene, doesn’t it?

When high-ranking members of the Valdor gang found out about this, they even praised Connery’s fighting techniques and offered to join their ranks, which the actor politely declined.


The big break

The big break in Connery’s acting career happened when he got the role of a British secret agent, James Bond. His sophistication and charm turned him into a superstar. His representation of the legendary spy brought him huge success and respect.

Apart from Bond movies, he also starred in other very successful films, such as Marnie (1964), The Hill (1965), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), The Untouchables (1987) and Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Moreover, for his performance in The Untouchables (1987), Connery received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Besides that, he won three Golden Globe awards and two BAFTA awards.



As far as it concerns personal life, he secretly married Diane Cilento, who was a divorced Australian actress, in November 1962. Connery has a son, Jason Connery, from this marriage. But in 1972, the couple got divorced and in 1975, the actor got married again to an artist Micheline Roquebrune, whom he still lives with.


Sean Connery is still considered one of the most confident, charismatic, and charming personalities in the filmmaking industry. His immaculate portrayal of James Bond was selected by the American Film Institute as the third greatest hero in the movie history.

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