Princess Diana Said She "Found Direction" After Meeting Mother Theresa

Date December 12, 2017 15:34

Princess Diana was once the most beloved woman on the planet. She was a media darling and a beautiful fairy-tale princess. However, it was her charity work that made her stand out as a lovable person who used her fame to help those in need.

Recent revelations show that Mother Theresa had an enormous influence on Lady D. and that she showed her the true priorities in life.

Unusual friendship between a princess and a nun

It was during her visit to Calcutta in 1992 that the princess first came into contact with the nuns and their work. She was awestruck by their spirituality and simplicity. Since then, mother Theresa was sick at the time, she promised to meet her in her home in Rome, later that year.

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In a letter to her butler Paul Burrell, she wrote about her experience in Calcutta:

The sisters sang to me, a deeply spiritual experience and I soared to such heights in my spirit. The light shone from within these ladies, saints for want of a better word, such love came from their eyes and their touch was full of warmth.

The princess and the nun finally met each other in Rome. According to Mr. Burell, the meeting was life-changing for Diana. The two saw each other again in India and New York and formed a real friendship. 

It was during this trip to India that the world-famous Taj Mahal photo came to be. The majority of people see this photo as a sign of loneliness and as the foreshadowing of divorce.

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The meeting that influenced both

The feelings of respect and humility were mutual. The unlikely duo made an impact on each other and it changed them forever. For Mother Theresa, it was the knowledge that public figures can be humble and can understand the importance of helping the poor.

For Princess Diana, it was the moment when she decided to dedicate her life to helping others. She said:

Today, something very profound touched my life. I went to Mother Teresa’s home and found the direction I’ve been searching for all these years.

Heaven opened its gates and maybe they met again.

On 31 August 1997, the Princess of Wales died in a horrible traffic accident. Just five days later, Mother Theresa was summoned by the Lord and she also forever closed her eyes. One might even say that the two friends went to Heaven together.

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Fortunately, Diana's and Theresa's mission was not forgotten. After Princess D passed away, the "Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund" was established. The fund raised over 200 million dollars for those that had the least luck in this world.


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