Adorable Quadruplets Pose For A Cute Star Wars Photo Shoot

Date January 11, 2018

It is undeniable that babies are just the cutest beings in the world. Now, multiply this by four and add the most genius little costumes you have ever seen. You will understand why the quadruplets became such a hit.

Szafranski family

The quadruplets are overjoyed to be a part of a loving family. Their parents, Kylie and Phil, embraced their four children as a gift from above and are enjoying every moment with them. Furthermore, the quadruplets have an older sister, the three years old River.

The quadruplets are three boys and a girl: Damon, Gideon, Theo, and Emery. The little cuties have already proven that they are actual fighters. They were born prematurely and had to stay for 12 weeks at HonorHealth Hospital in Scottsdale in the NICU. Their struggle makes the photo shoot even more incredible and touching.


The geniuses behind the adorable photos are the babies' mom Kylie and Lizzy McMillan, a photographer from Momento Studios. The latter was the one who found all the tiny costumes and props needed for the photos.

The first photo features the four babies as heroes from the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, Emery was shown as Leia, while her brothers represented Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo.

The second photo was more of Phil's kind of thing since he likes the dark side more. This time, the little sister was none other than Darth Vader with her brothers serving as stormtroopers.

Quadruplets' mom is very proud and happy about her children, so she started Facebook and Instagram accounts with photos and updates about her kids. Be sure to check them out as they will surely melt your heart.


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