Queen Elizabeth's Younger Sister, Princess Margaret, Has Had A Rather Interesting Life, Filled With Strange Anecdotes

Date December 21, 2017

With the rising popularity of the Netflix series The Crown, the history and scandals of the British Royals have aroused more interest from many people. One of the key characters in the show, and also the culprit of most real-life scandals, was the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret.

Rebellious spirit

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Known popularly as the Royal Rebel, Princess Margaret was a free, liberal spirit entrapped in the body of a royal. The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, she was always perceived as her contrast. Unlike her sister, Princess Margaret enjoyed a lavish, romance-filled lifestyle. Furthermore, her nights often included heavy amounts of drinking and cigarettes. Could you imagine the Queen behaving in such a manner?

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Fortunately for her, the princess never dwelled too much on the opinions of others. Her many scandals involve a list of men and strange public appearances that, along with her regal personality, made her a tabloid favorite.

Relationships with married men and frequent partying might have been forgotten if not for the fact that Princess Margaret was a part of the first British Royal divorce in 400 years.

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Life Stories

After Princess Margaret passed away in 2002, she left behind an entire bunch of anecdotes and stories about her. The one thing in common for all the stories is her incredible confidence and demeanor worthy of a princess.

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Sometimes, her royal appearance and her cold, laconic answers were seen as acts of arrogance. One of those stories includes the princess meeting the popular 60's supermodel Twiggy. After two hours of sitting next to each other at a dinner party, the princess asked, “And who are you?” The conversation reportedly went on as follows:

I’m Lesley Hornby, ma’am, but people call me Twiggy.

“How unfortunate,” was all the princess said and simply turned away.

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However, it was her fast wit and the dry, British sense of humor that made her a star among the social elite. Once, after her coat fell to the ground at a soiree, there was a man who rushed to pick it up. Princess Margaret looked at him and said with the utmost ease:

No. I’ll never remember where it is if you move it.

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The anecdote that best describes her opinion on life, royalty, and people in general, came in the form of her best response. Once, the princess was attending a dinner party in New York and the hostess recognized her. The hostess wanted to know what's going on with the Queen. In her incredible style, Princess Margaret replied:

Which one? My sister, my mother, or my husband?

The Lady behind the Princess

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We must add that it wasn't all parties and indolence for the late princess. She was a great patron of culture and was the President of the Royal Ballet. Furthermore, Princess Margaret was the President of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Rest In peace, you misunderstood poor soul.  

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