'Beverly Hills' Star Jason Priestley Punched Harvey Weinstein At The Golden Globes Party In 1995

Date December 21, 2017 16:43

It seems as though the scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein are far from over. The film producer has had an incident in 1995 involving the Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jason Priestley. Probably well-deserved, Priestley punched the overly-arrogant Weinstein right in the face during the Golden Globe Awards.

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Jason Priestley, better known as Brandon Walsh from 90210

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If you were a fan of Beverly Hills, 90210, and we bet you were, you have to remember the good-looking Brandon Walsh. Priestley played the role of the beloved Brandon for 10 years (1990 - 2000). During this time, Jason was twice nominated for the Golden Globe. Both times, it was for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series (Drama). 

It always seemed odd why an actor with two Golden Globe nominations never got the chance to become a true Hollywood star. It turns out, it might have had something to do with the infamous Harvey Weinstein.

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Actress Mira Sorvino confirmed on Twitter that she could have had a much better career if it weren't for Weinstein. A good friend of Priestley, Tara Strong, immediately twitted what happened to the actor.

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1995 Golden Globes party: What happened?

Priestley confirmed Tara Strong's tweet and explained what happened on that night in 1995. It was the Golden Globes party, and Harvey tried to be his usual self, but this time, he met someone brave.

The altercation started after Weinstein told Priestley to leave and then grabbed his arm. Instinctively, Jason responded to Weinstein's arrogance with a swing to the face and was escorted out of the party.

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Retrospectively, it is very probable that Harvey Weinstein intentionally derailed Jason's career as he did for so many others. The only upside is that at least Jason got to do what a number of women wants: He punched that dirtbag in the nose.

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