Dusty Anderson's 99th Birthday: She Is One Of The Last World War II Pin-Up Girls

Date December 11, 2017

On December 17th, 2017, the World War II pin-up girl is celebrating her 99th birthday. Once a knock-out dame, this old gal is peacefully enjoying her advanced years.


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Dusty Anderson was a successful model in the 1940's. Her movie career began in 1944 with a cameo as one of the cover girls in the eponymous film, which starred Rita Hayworth. She would continue to act in eight more movies in the following three years, namely Tonight and Every Night (1945), Crime Doctor's Warning (1945), and The Phantom Thief (1946). Although mainly playing minor roles, Dusty's beauty didn't go unseen, and she was quite popular at the time.

As did many actresses of the time, Dusty has also appeared in an issue of the United States Military's YANK magazine. The October issue marked her first appearance as a pin-up girl. In spite of her short-lived acting career, it was her pin-up work that made her famous.  

Personal life

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During WWII, from 1941 to 1945, Anderson was married to Marine Corps Captain Charles Mathieu. It was a popular Hollywood trend at the time. However, most of those marriages fell apart with the end of the war. The same fate fell on Dusty's marriage as the couple divorced in 1945.

The beautiful pin-up girl married to a film director Jean Negulesco in 1946. She retired from acting and went on to live a happy life with her husband. The fact that the marriage lasted until Negulesco's death in 1993 is a true testament to love and respect.

Happy Birthday 

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Ruth 'Dusty' Anderson has been living a peaceful, secluded life for the last two decades since her husband died. However, this doesn't mean that the gorgeous lass isn't still inside Dusty. It is ready to make life her own show. We wish her a happy 99th birthday.

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