Despite Challenges, Joy Veron, A Mother Of Three, Is Living Her Life To The Fullest

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January 25, 2018 16:03 By Fabiosa

Life creates the most incredible dramas, and ordinary people are real superheroes but not the ones you can find in a comic book. Joy Veron, a mother of three, showed the world the power of love in a split-second decision that saved her children but left her paralyzed.

Life-changing vacation

No one could have predicted that a holiday in Colorado mountains would have such dire consequences for one Texan family. Just as they started packing to make the return trip home, a series of terrible things began to unfold. Joy's SUV that was parked near a cliff with the running engine started rolling towards a cliff; all three kids were still inside.

Frightened Joy had to think fast. She told in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she remembers seeing her children in the back of the car that was going to certain doom.

I just saw complete fear. I remember their little eyes were huge, looking at me just like, "help me, do something".

She knew she had to stop the car somehow. In a moment of incredible bravery, she tried to stop it with her hands, but when that didn't work, she threw herself under the SUV.

I just was throwing myself in front of it just to put something in its path. I remember thinking, I didn't make it in time and I'm getting run over. I'm going to hear a crash pretty soon.

The wheels of the car went directly over the courageous mom leaving her badly injured in the process. However, her sacrifice was worth it because she slowed down the car just enough to let her father catch up and apply the brakes.

The aftermath

Although her children were perfectly safe, the incident left Joy severely disabled. The weight of the SUV had broken her ribs, clavicle, and did irreversible damage to her spine. Laying under the car, she knew she had to muster all of her strength to keep on living for the sake of her children.

It was like this voice said, - You can go in if you want to tell your kids goodbye and say those parting words, but if you want to fight, you've got to fight.

She survived, but her ordeal was far from being over. The injuries were so severe that the doctors gave her only a 1% chance that she will ever walk again. Her recovery took its toll on more than her health. Joy's husband left her, and she was left alone with her kids. Furthermore, after years of fighting, she had to acknowledge the fact she will never walk again.

Life goes on

The accident happened in 1999, and her children are almost grown-ups today. Chloe is  22, Annie, 20, and Elliot is 17, and along with their mom, they have realized that family is the essential thing in life. Annie, her younger daughter, has nothing but the best to say about her supermom. 

Honestly, she hasn't let her wheelchair stop her from anything. I actually think she does more than most moms do.

We could learn something from Joy Veron and take anything life throws at us with a big smile.

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