Beyonce, Together With Her 5-Year-Old Daughter, Handed Out Food And Other Necessities To The Hurricane Harvey Victims

Date November 21, 2017

People tend to think celebs live like royals and behave very arrogantly. Well, maybe you are right, but this megastar is not like that at all!

Beyonce took her 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and came to her hometown, Houston, to help people who suffered during the devastating storm.

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The showbiz Queen was standing at the tables of the feeding station, handing out food for the hurricane victims. The star and her sweet daughter gladly talked to anyone who came to their table, giving them their warm words of support and compassion.


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"I just wanna say I love you," said Beyonce. "Y'all are my family. Houston is my home. I sang my first solo here. I just wanna thank you for lifting my family up, for praying for me, and for being such an incredible example of what light and love is.”

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A couple of days later, Beyonce used her birthday as a chance to turn to her fans and ask them to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief.

Thanks to everyone who donated to BeyGOOD and contributed to helping so many families in Houston. Thank you Pastor Rudy, Michelle, Ingrid and all at St. John's Church. Thank you to Trae Tha Truth and your crew. Y'all are so consistently dedicated to our community. Thank you!! There is still work to do so please continue to donate and do all you can to restore our city.

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Thank you, dear Queen Bey, for your great help and your big heart! We hope your little girl will learn this valuable lesson of humankind!