Pink Elephant Existence And More Interesting Stories About These Magnificent And Noble Animals

Date October 14, 2017

Elephants are the largest land animals, and there are so many interesting stories about them. We’ve prepared a couple of such stories for you to learn more about these magnificent mammals.

Dentist Operation

One of a kind operation on repairing of broken elephant's tusk was performed by Indian dentists and a veterinary surgeon in the southern India state of Kerala.

Devidasan, a 27-year-old elephant, cracked his tusk, which meant that the poor aminal was doomed, as dirt, gathered inside the crack, would have caused a deadly infection.

Luckily, Dr. Pradeep, a professor at the PSM dental college in the town of Trichur, and his colleagues agreed to perform a very complicated operation on filling the 50 cm (19.6 in.) long crack with 47 tubs of special raisin.

"It was literally an elephantine tusk because we had to find special equipment and modify it," Dr. Pradeep said.

Pink Elephant

If you think pink elephants do not exist, you’re wrong. And it is not a joke! A couple of years ago, a wildlife cameraman, Mike Holding, spotted a pink baby elephant while filming for BBC channel in Okavango Delta, Africa.

"We only saw it for a couple of minutes as the herd crossed the river,” said Holding. "This was a really exciting moment for everyone in camp. We knew it was a rare sighting - no-one could believe their eyes."

According to experts, the calf could be an albino, which is a very rare phenomenon for African elephants.

"This is probably the first documented sighting of an albino elephant in northern Botswana,” said an ecologist Dr. Mike Chase."We have been studying elephants in the region for nearly 10 years now, and this is the first documented evidence of an albino calf that I have come across."

Sleepy Baby

This happened at the Prague Zoo, in the open-air area, designed for elephants.

It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, and the breeze is gently rustling the leaves of the trees. It's a normal day, and many visitors have stopped to look at the elephants.

But something strange is happening. A baby elephant, who everyone thinks is asleep at first, remains still on the grass, and the mommy elephant is visibly nervous.

After seeing the mother's nervousness, terrible thoughts come to mind, and we can't help but fear the worst. However, three men working at the zoo also appear, and everyone holds their breath.

It seems the baby elephant is a heavy sleeper, or maybe he was dreaming of a magical peanut sandwich that never finishes.