Everyone Needs Love: A Touching Video Of Abused Dog Learning To Trust Humans Through Hugs

Date February 19, 2018

What do we usually do if we want to get a pet, for example, a cute puppy? We go to a pet store. But, do you know how those adorable creatures get to the store? Well, as a rule, they are taken from puppy mills where cruel people keep them in disgusting cages.


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This is a story about one puppy mill survivor, a Chihuahua named Harleigh. The poor thing spent more than three years in a dirty cage.


After Harleigh had been saved by National Dog Mill Rescue, it was very hard for the volunteers to gain her trust. When somebody tried to approach her kennel, Harleigh pressed herself to the back wall, shivering with fear.

One volunteer spent many days trying to pet the little one. When he finally took Harleigh in his hands, she clung to the man and dug her claws into his arm. The volunteer held her for a very long time.

After this story with Harleigh, people began to spread their experience:

Abusive people should be put behind bars for cruelty to animals and must never have their own dogs again!

See this touching moment with Harleigh in this video:

Poor little thing! We're glad Harleigh was rescued to learn to regain hope and trust in humans, and we hope more such animal will get the chance to be loved and cared for!

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