Nick Offerman Cradles An Orphaned Dog In His Hands. Fans Adore That


January 26, 2018 11:27 By Fabiosa

Animals occupy a great part of our lives, and lots of people just can’t imagine their houses without their favorite pets. And celebrities, no matter how popular they are, also have their own dogs and cats they adore more than anything in the world.

It’s worth a lot when our favorite actors and actresses are not shy to show their feelings while spending some quality time with their pets.  

Nick Offerman is not an exception. First, he has already been noticed in the company of one cutie during the shooting of Parks and Recreation sitcom.


And that puppy isn’t the only one who sensed a great person in Nick Offerman.

Together with his team, Nick is trying to promote a film called White Fang. It’s an animated movie that tells us about the life of an orphaned dog.

It’s one of the reasons the team brought two cute doggies to the Sundance premiere. No doubts, they all were in the center of everyone’s attention. One dog named Shazam is an adult, and he used to be an Arctic Rescue dog. Now, he is lucky to have his forever home, while the second one isn’t that lucky. The puppy named White Fang was the one Nick Offerman couldn’t but cradle in his arms all the time.

This is how they managed to recreate the famous scene from the sitcom. The actor liked the doggy so much, and now, they seem to be the best friends.


But we hope this will drive some attention to the cute puppy, and he will find his forever home very soon.

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