Legendary Football Team Holds Bible Studies Thrice Weekly, Gather To Pray Before Games And Yet Have A Plethora Of Wins To Their Credit

Date January 26, 2018

When you think about a football team, what comes to mind certainly is not the Bible, the cross, prayers, or even baptism.

Rather, your mind darts over to Super Bowls, trophies, tournaments, and the sometimes outrageous sums of money individual players and teams make; however, not when it concerns the Philadelphia Eagles.


These guys are redefining the face of Christianity the world over by being brazenly unashamed about proclaiming their faith using their weighty platform.

Their story

While star quarterback Carson Wentz, who is leading this unusual team, has publicly vowed to play for an “Audience Of One” - Jesus that is - has emphatically stated that they never convert players to Christians.

It's rather through demonstrations of love, exemplary lifestyles, and the genuine affection they have for God that many people who join their team voluntarily decided to be grafted into their faith. Asides that, some of the team members found Christ on their own.

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How they came to God

Chris Maragos, special teamer and safety player, expounded on how he was at crossroads when he was in high school. He had thought money, a great relationship, pursuing a career he loved will fill the emptiness he felt within. But that was not to be.

It was at that point he decided for Christ. He testifies of how that decision has brought him inner satisfaction and joy.

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Wide receiver Torrey Smith shares a similar experience. In his last year of college, he realized that even though he had been raised in a Christian home, yet he couldn’t really say he was saved. This propelled him to seek a more personal relationship with Christ, which has stayed with him to this day.

These revelations were made in a video the Philadelphia Eagles organization released to take fans behind the curtains of their favorite team's life.

More interesting fact

What more can you say about a bunch of football stars who have Bible studies together 3 times a week? Gather together to discuss their individual struggles whilst talking over them, praying through them, and simply encouraging one another.

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It's a team that spends the night before their game studying the Bible, communing with God and plain simple, solidifying their brotherly bond. One word, AMAZEBALLS!

Come the Super Bowl week, we wish the green jersey wearing team a spectacular success.

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