Freddie Mercury And Mary Austin, The Woman Who Had His Back Through Infidelity, Terminal Illness, And Career Lows


November 22, 2017 15:26 By Fabiosa

Freddie Mercury was undoubtedly one of the greatest rock stars of all time. He had the looks, the pipes, the skills, and sexual appetite. He was the front-man of Queen, a British rock band that dominated most of the '70s and '80s.

Freddie would later die from complications resulting from HIV/AIDS at 45. In spite of the many lovers he had over the course of his lifetime, there was one that always had his heart. One to whom he would bequeath the major part of his estate to. And that lover was a woman named Mary Austin.


The Woman Who Stole Freddie Mercury’s Heart

Freddie met a 19-year old Mary Austin through fellow bandmate, Brian May, and felt attraction for her so he asked her out on a date.

They began dating shortly after and despite how different they were - Freddie was exuberant in public while she was shy - the relationship grew so much so that in the 1970s, when the band had started to get more popular, the couple moved in together.

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They would go on to spend 7 years living together. At some point during this time, Freddie proposed to her and she said yes, but then, he changed his mind and the marriage never happened. With the fame came more problems, and they began to drift apart, with Freddie beginning to stay out later than usual.

He would eventually confess to Mary that he was gay and had been having trysts with different men. Mary would eventually move out and leave him. The two, however, remained good friends, frequently visiting each other and during the 1980s, Mary toured with Queen, serving as a secretary to the band's publishing business.


A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

In 1987, Freddie Mercury told Mary he was HIV-positive. Heartbroken, she became devoted to his care.

Mary had always struggled financially, and Freddie was aware of this, so he decided to leave his beautiful home to her in his will. When he told her about his intentions, she tried to get him to put it in a trust, but he refused, saying:

If things had been different, you would have been my wife and this would have been yours anyway.

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Freddie's health deteriorated, and he passed away in 1991 at the age of 45.

Life After Freddie

In an interview with Mary Austin in 2013, it appeared she was still quite affected by his death.

She had remarried (after her split with the father of her children), but that marriage also ended in divorce. She seems to have trouble finding love after Freddie and no longer sees Freddie's former bandmates.


Most people might opine that she should count herself lucky. But it has been a burden for her.

Freddie trusted her to bury his ashes and keep the location a secret. Undoubtedly, she was the love of his life, but owing to his wild lifestyle, he left her a huge mansion but a hole in her heart. Perhaps, too big for anyone else to fill.

Well, time has been said to lessen the intensity of most emotional wounds. Reaching for support through counseling also works. We are hopeful that Mary finds that reprieve burst into sunshine again.

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