Pregnant America Ferrera Poses With 'The Sisterhood' Castmates Who Have Recently Joined The 'Time's Up' Movement

Date January 5, 2018

33-year-old America Ferrera shared joyous news with her followers on Instagram – the actress is pregnant! The star of the TV series Ugly Betty announced on social network that in 2018, she expects a bundle of joy.

We’re welcoming one more face to kiss in 2018!

First-time parents

The photo features America with her husband Ryan Piers Williams holding a cute tiny onesie designed for the newborn. Actually, the couple has been together for quite some time. The actors tied the knot back in June 2011, and this will be their first child. America and Ryan met when they were both students studying at the University of Southern California. In 2010, he popped the question and presented his girlfriend with an engagement ring.

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Blessings from 'The Sisterhood'

Admirers of America immediately congratulated her and wished the future mother and her unborn baby health. But followers were not the only ones to support her. Ferrera started the New Year off with blessings from her The Sisterhood, including such famous actresses as Blake Lively and Alexis Bledel, who have recently joined Time’s Up.

About the movement

What is this social movement all about? On January 1st, merely 300 people working in television joined Time's Up whose goal is to protect women across the US from sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The list includes but is not limited to Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, Salma Hayek, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, and others. America Ferrera supports the movement too.

They all advocate the provision of legal support to women who have been subject to harassment, especially those working in factories, restaurants, and hotels.

As Justin Timberlake and J. Lo wrote in their latest posts:

No more accepting sexual harassment and inequality at work as normal. It's not normal.

Emma Watson is one of the most active followers of this movement and actively shares Time’s Up goals and encourages other people to join it.

It’s time to shift the balance in the workplace, from representing the few to representing us all. 

The movement intends to provide support to men affected by the same problem as well. Also, show business stars intend to achieve gender equality in film studios and job search agencies for actors, directors, models, and musicians.

What do people think?

Common people supported Time’s Up too, flooding Twitter and Instagram with posts and tweets regarding the discrimination and harassment at the workplaces.

Some just thanked for the initiative, some promised to join, and some opened up about the real-life examples.

We hope it will really bring positive change!

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