It Seems Simple To Connect All Points Using Four Lines, But In Practice, This Puzzle Is A Tricky Challenge To The Human Brain

Date October 16, 2017

The possibilities of the human brain are amazing. Thanks to their mental abilities, people can discover new things, find innovative solutions to the world problems, and optimize their lives by creating the high technologies. Sure, we use our brains not just to solve the mysteries of the universe; sometimes, we just want to have a small mental challenge. What could be more inspiring than solving a good logical puzzle?

We all experience these motivated "aha!" moments while solving a crossword or Sudoku, or some other logical puzzle or test. Researchers explain such satisfying brainstorms are necessary to exercise our mental abilities and to raise one’s self-rating. Of course, in order to solve a certain logical task a person needs to have diverse and deep stores of knowledge. But even if you hesitate about your intellectual level, just say ‘No’ to the fear. You can’t know everything, and it makes sense. Sometimes, it can be helpful to use your creativity and intuition to cope with a hard task.

If you are the one who enjoys solving interesting logical puzzles and tests, we have the one just for you. So, here is the task.

Connect all points using four lines:

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Here is the answer:

Try to play this amusing game with your friends. Our logical thinking works much better in the company. Some people care about a competitive aspect of gaming and prefer solving logical tasks together. Even if you won’t manage to solve the puzzle for the first time, you can just have some fun. If you have your own favorite puzzle or logical task, please share it in the comments. We also like a brainstorming activity.

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