Trevor Noah Accused Hillary Clinton Of Choosing The Wrong Side In The Problem Of Sexual Abuse

Date January 30, 2018

It goes without saying, Hillary Clinton willingly opened up and raised her voice on criticizing President Trump's administration. But was she concerned about the 'Time Up' when she had a chance and was given the power in 2008?  It seems people really doubt that after the recent episode of The Daily Show.


Trevor Noah about #MeToo: “Hillary Clinton chose the wrong side”

Trevor Noah, a popular host star of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, began his Monday episode with a rather controversial statement about Hillary Clinton.


At first, Noah commented on Hillary’s recent appearance at the Grammys 2018 and her unexpected ‘move’ against Donald Trump. Clinton took a shot reading some lines from the recently released book “Fire and Fury,” which shows a pretty bright picture of what goes on in the White House with President Trump at the head.

In his show, Noah took Clinton’s side by commenting:

Being able to go on the Grammys and talk about Trump because you feel like it, that literally is the consolation prize. That’s exactly what Hillary should be doing.


But what all people love Trevor for is his ability to take a hard turn at the most unexpected moment. Just after standing up for Clinton during her speech at the Grammy’s, Noah revealed some unfavorable details about the former secretary of the United States.


The host star accused Clinton of taking the wrong side in the MeToo movement based on the certain facts. According to the New York Times, during her 2008 campaign, Clinton made a decision not to fire her main adviser who had been accused of sexual harassment. Hillary just sent him on a temporary vacation and reassigned the woman who made the accusation. Noah said:

I won’t lie, I expected standing up for a woman on her staff to be one of her strengths.

In her turn, Clinton commented on this “disturbing” story on Twitter:

Noah’s response was no less emotional: “Women deserve to be heard and then quietly reassigned?!”

You may watch the Monday’s episode of The Daily Show with Noah in the video below.

The host concluded his speech by suggesting Clinton to come out and admit she was “part of the problem.”  He also added Hillary “should protect other women instead of just herself.”


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